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Home alone for 2 weeks. I just want to have all of you guys over for a dinner party.

Janet Mock and Laverne Cox celebrating Laverne’s TIME cover. They are so gorgeous and flawless. Image courtesy of Arika.



Billboard Homes for the Homeless

Project Gregory is a non profit effort that converts existing billboard structures into affordable housing units. Maintenance costs, skills, and resources are covered through funds raised by the advert space and partner reciprocity.The Republic of Slovakian project utilises the electricity used to keep the billboard lit at night to power the home’s interior.

This project is open source and Project Gregory encourages all cities in all countries to construct new, innovative designs and involve as  many companies as possible to help make a difference.

Second time we’ve featured this, but it’s such an interesting idea. This apartment looks better than mine!

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Nothing makes me feel more like a king than wearing my own accomplishments. Please, check out my online shop - The Brklyn Store & thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me thus far.

- A Black Queer Doing It.

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This girl is her high school football teams quarterback. The cheerleader is her girlfriend

I love every second of this



The 1975// She Way Out

And I’d like to say you changed
But you’re always the same

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